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According to the International Association Of Certified Home Inspectors or InterNACHI, A major organization of Home Inspectors, A Home Inspection is a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible.  The inspector should substantially adhere to a standards of practice that outlines what should be covered during a general home inspection, as well as what is excluded.  We follow this standard of practice and go above beyond by performing home inspections with tools that validates our visual sense.

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Shield for Safety

The roof system inspection includes the structural framing, the materials on the surface such as asphalt shingles, rubber, tiles, slate, the gutters, downspouts, chimneys, roof vents, skylights, and more.  The roofing system is important because it protects against the elements, and stabilizes the house.  It is also an important part of the ventilation system.


Personal Space and Living

Interior inspection would include the flooring, ceiling, the walls. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, windows, doors, balconies, porches, certain appliances.  The interior inspection is important because it is where we live in the home.


Water of Life

The plumbing system would include the  water lines, waste lines, drainage issues, condensation issues, insulation issues.  Plumbing is important because water is integral to life and our health.  The condition of the plumbing system is also a strong indicator about the health of the home.



We focus on the systems of the home so you can see the full picture of the condition.


The Life Force Of The Home

An electrical inspection is integral as it is one of the most important system in the home. The electrical system is the energy source for our appliances, heating cooling and ventilation system, as well as any electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, telecommunication systems, alarm system, fire alarm system.  A poorly functioning electrical system may lead to outages, affect other systems of the home, damage electronic devices and even start electric fires.


The Bones Of The Home

Does the house have good bones? This is an inspection that would focus on the wood framing of the home from the sill plate, bottom plate to the top plate, headers, joists, rafters, ridge beams, collar ties, truss systems, the exterior brick retaining walls, sizes and extent of foundation cracks, water penetration from runoff or negative grading.


The Skin Of the Home

Like the Roof system, the building envelope protects the home from the external elements.  The exterior covering, flashing, building materials condition.  The exterior windows and doors.  The insulation, or air gaps. This systems keeps the home dry and warm, and works in conjunction with the roof system and the ventilation systems.



Home inspectors inspect structural components, exterior and interior of a building, the roofing, plumbing, electrical system, the air conditioning, insulation and ventilation, and fireplaces. A written report will be delivered with pictures and pinpointed issues.  Home Inspectors may recommend other professionals such as plumbers, electricians, structural engineers, pest control technicians, etc. if a problem beyond the scope of the home inspection discovered.

Note: Special Inspections That Require Special Licenses and are Not Covered in a home inspection. Include Lead, Asbestos, Radon, Termites, and Mold. Each of these items are separate inspections, require special training and specialized labs to analyze the samples.  Our Inspection Company is licensed and specialized in the fields of Termites and wood destroying insect inspections, Mold Inspections and Radon Inspections.


Wood Destroying Insects

Termites and other wood destroying insects may cause damages to the wood frame and compromise the structure of the home.  We are licensed wood destroying insect inspectors and would be able to help determine the presence of the insects.


Microbial Invaders

Mold may sporalate within a few hours once they anchor on a surface.  We are licensed mold assessors and would be able to take samples of the affected area or air samples and generate a mold report.


Radiation from the Earth

Radon is an odorless radioactive gas found in the soil.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer other than smoking.  We are licensed radon inspectors and can determine if there is a dangerous level of radon in your home.



Condo/Coop- $300 <1500 sqft
Condo/Coop- $400 >1500 sqft
Single Family Home- $400
Large Single Family Home-$500 (GLA> 2000 sqft)
Two Family Home- $500
Three Family Home- $600
Four Family Home- $700
Store Front- $300
Over Four Families (Call for Pricing)
Termite Inspection- $200
Mold Inspection- $600 (5 Samples) tape and air
$75 for additional samples.
Radon Inspection-$600 (5 Canisters)
$75 for additional canisters
We work with Real Estate Professionals who care about their Customers.

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Home inspections were being performed in the mid 1950s, and by the early 1970s were considered by many consumers to be essential to the real estate transaction.  the escalating demand was due to a growing desire by homebuyers to learn about the condition of a house prior to purchase.  Meeting the expectations of consumers required a unique discipline, distinct from construction, engineering, architecture, or municipal building inspection. As such, home inspection requires its own set of professional guidelines and qualifications.

The Contract

I am a first time home buyer and was anxious to know about the condition of the house I was under contract.  Mark at Unity Home Inspectors really helped us. He was patient and explained issues clearly.  The home inspection report was generated in less than 3 hours after the inspection.

Frankie Bolder

I was looking to downsize my house and move to a smaller home.  The process was a little daunting as I have lived at my house for over 30 years.  I was recommended by a friend who has used Unity Home Inspectors.  They were very professional and I will definitely refer them to my friends and family!

Quinn Davis

I was looking for a home in Jamaica and needed a home inspection and termite inspection at the same time.  I was glad that Unity Home Inspectors was also licensed for termites so I wouldn't need to hire a pest control company to do that separately.

Sandy Williams



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